LT70 Sawmill

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High performance, professional sawmilling solution
Dirancang untuk memenuhi dan melampaui tuntutan perusahaan kayu modern dengan produksi tinggi.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Construction
  • Stationary or Mobile Configurations
  • Customize Bed Length & Log Handling Options
  • Options for WIDE Head & Wider 50 mm Blades
Deskripsi LT70 Sawmill

The LT70 Sawmill Series is designed to meet the demands of the modern high production sawmilling enterprise, while incorporating thin-kerf blade technology to increase profits.

The LT70 comes standard with belted blade wheels for running 32-38 mm blades. Optional you can order wider crowned cast iron wheels to run 50 mm blades. The larger blade wheels and 50 mm blades can be ordered only for the STANDARD head width.

Log handling with the LT70 can be configured for the exact needs of your business – Manual, Hydraulic, or Super Hydraulic log handling configurations are available to match productivity and budget requirements. With the powerful Accuset or PLC computer Setworks, the operator can focus on high quality production and keep the blade in the log more of the time.

The high performance LubeMizer blade lubrication system keeps the blade clean and enhances sawing performance. Wood-Mizer’s wide range of affordable blades are designed for all cutting requirements, and deliver maximum log yield and minimal waste of valuable timber.

Popular Options

Full mobility for your sawmill can be achieved with the addition of a trailer package. The optional Debarker prolongs blade life by clearing away dirt and rocks from the bark. Various electric and diesel engine options are available.

Penggergajian LT70
Kinerja tinggi, solusi penggergajian profesional professional

Dirancang untuk memenuhi dan melampaui tuntutan perusahaan penggergajian kayu modern produksi tinggi

Konstruksi lebih heavy duty
Tipe stationary atau mobile
Panjang Bed & Opsi handling Log yg bisa disesuaikan
Pilihan untuk head LEBAR & gergaji Lebih Lebar yaitu 50 mm

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video LT70 Sawmill
Informasi lebih lanjut LT70 Sawmill
Informasi lebih lanjut
Power 15 kW (E20) Listrik
18.5 kW Listrik
Kapasitas potong
diameter kayu maksimum 95 cm
lebar kayu maksimum potong 73 cm
lebar kayu maksimum 64 cm
kedalaman potong maksimum 39 cm
Head Features dan opsi
Setworks SW10 (for AC models)
SW PLC1 (for AC models)
SW PLC2 (for AC models)
Accuset2 (for AC and DC models)
Head Naik/Turun Elektrik
Head Maju mundur Elektrik
Blade Guide Arm Elektrik
Lubrikasi Gergaji LubeMizer
Sistem Blade Tension Hydraulic dengan Airbag
Debarker opsional
Diameter Port Sawdust Collection 150mm
Opsi Tambahan Penglihatan dengan laser
Station operasi jarak jauh (dengan menggunakan trek kabel)
Board Removal System
Roller, Double Block Blade Guide
Panjang 4670 mm
Lebar 38 mm
50 mm
Roda gergaji
Diameter Roda Gergaji 600 mm
Tipe Roda Gergaji Belted
Material Roda Gergaji Cast Iron
Bed Features dan opsi
Konstruksi Bed Monorail
Angled Bed Rails Opsional
Bed Extensions Bed Extension: 0.5 m
Bed Extension: 0.9 m
Bed Extension manual or hidraulic : 1.8 m, 3.6 m or 7.2 m
Trailer Package Opsional
handling log
Manual Toeboards
Side Support
Winch Log Turner
Log Loader (pompa manual)
STANDARD Hydraulic 3 Side Supports
Central Clamp on Two Rods
Log Turner
Log Leveling Rollers
Hold-down Clamps
Log Loader
SUPER Hydraulic Chain Turner
2 Vertical Side Support
Central Clamp on Two Rods
Log Leveling Roller
Power Roller with Two Cylinders
Hold-Down Clamps
Log Loader
Sawmill features dan opsi
Konstruksi Frame Cantilever
standar keamanan CE
Tambahan Log Deck
Incline Conveyor
Roller Table
Transfer Deck
Absorption Roller
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